Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We'll Miss You Scout

For nearly 19 years a big orange cat named Scout purred through our lives.

When Scout was young and first moved in he wanted nothing more than to be friends with Ezra, an energetic extremely focused border collie. Though genetics got the better of that budding relationship, Scout never stopped trying and never seemed put off by Ezra's refusals. At the end when Ezra's time was close Scout stayed nearby him on the floor as if they had always been friends and at last they really were.

I wasn't looking for a cat when I met Scout's mother. Back when I lived in Colorado I'd gone to help at a neighbor's branding when a spring snow blew in. We moved the calves into the cover of the barn and I stayed at the back of the herd gently pushing the skittish cattle forward. I could barely believe my eyes when I spied a bright orange cat heavy with expected kittens strolling through the mass of fidgeting hooves and swooshing tails. She strode right through the herd and rubbed her head on my leg. "I'll take one of her kittens, " I said without thinking. Scout inherited his mother's confidence and outgoing nature,
Scout grew up patrolling the yard, visiting the neighboring feed store and taking leisurely dirt baths with the chickens. He always loved the birds like family. He would stroll through the run taking sips from the bird's waterers and nibbles of corn.
When James came along Scout took a minute to assess the changed situation and then quickly decided (just liked I did) that James was worth keeping. He slept snuggled between us, close enough so James' hand would rest on his furry back through the night.
Scout welcomed new additions. For the last nine years or so Scout benevolently ruled our bustling household of (first a puppy and now) 3 dogs and greeted crowds of visitors with the same confident saunter his mother won me over with nearly two decades ago.
The dogs love(d) him. I love(d) him. James love(d) him. We will all miss him so.
R.I.P. Scout the wonder cat, There will never be another like you.

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  1. So sorry to hear about Scout. He led a blessed life under your care. Love, E