Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Place I Crave In LA

Way deep into the West Valley in a strip mall you might easily drive by buried in what seems like hundreds of other strip malls hides The hummus Bar, a raucous middle Eastern restaurant with crispy homemade fresh basked bread and creamy smooth hummus -- about the best I've ever had.
I love the collection of fresh salads and dips and yes the warm bread but I think what I really crave at the popular hummus bar is the sweetbread kebab. Other than a few Argentine spots I can't think of any LA restaurants with grilled sweetbreads -- one of my favorite dishes. These are quickly cooked over high heat so they are crisp on the outside and juicy inside -- just perfect to roll up in warm bread with tasty tomato salad and smooth hummus.
There is a long menu at the often crowded The Hummus bar. I've never tried anything else. I love these sweetbreads so much, even though I try and explore the menu I always end up ordering the exact same thing.
This is one place in LA that is truly worth the drive.

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