Wednesday, June 11, 2014

With A Touch Of Vanilla

Summer pie.
Peach with a touch of apricot.
Flaky lard crust crowned with coarse sugar. A La Mode.
Homemade ricotta honey ice cream and bourbon infused pecan caramel sauce.
Each element kissed with a touch of bourbon infused vanilla extract specially hand made by James' friend Alex and his company Vanilla Nouveau. We were lucky enough to be sent a bottle.
I'm not sure why it's taken so long for Vanilla to be infused not with bourbon beans but with actual cask aged bourbon. It's genius. The slight caramel flavor of the vanilla enhances the toasty flavors in the roasted peaches, honey, and pecans. Though this lovely vanilla may be slightly too flavorful for delicate desserts like chiffons or angel food (but maybe not), it is perfect for the kind of Southern style sweet desserts that scream summer picnics and lazy sunny afternoons with friends. My baking is better for it. What a great gift!

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