Monday, July 27, 2009

No, It's Not One Of Ours!

I usually go to the little farmer's market about a mile away from our house on Saturday mornings -- or sometimes to the Atwater market on Sundays (LA is lousy with farmer's markets). They are sleepy (at least early they are) easy in and out markets with plenty of places to park (at least early they are) But this week I had a lazy Saturday and decided to brave the crowds at the Hollywood Farmer's Market. Near endless rows of ripe fruit, vibrant vegetables, nuts, eggs, cheeses, raw milk, shellfish, and even meats -- not to mention bakeries and a slew of food vendors if you come to socialize and maybe not cook. It's an admirable selection and to get near it -- even early -- I only had to dodge several chef's and wanna be chef's rolling carts, double strollers, chatting friends stopped in the middle of the road to share coffee and samples, promoters offering free bags, and a questionable fellow making balloon animals. Are organic dried garbanzo beans, Meyer lemons, Reed avocados and local walnuts really worth it? Well, probably.
One nice thing about having so many choices is that dinner just appears as you are walking by the tables. I spied this roasting chicken and then the vegetables and sage within a few steps and there you have it, Monday night comfort food: Herbed Roast Chicken with Potatoes, Carrots, and Sweet Onions

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