Saturday, October 18, 2014

Kor-BQ: The Legend Spreads

Not too many years back LA's Roy Choi started a revolution with his Kogi food truck fusion of Mexican and Korean flavors. Since its inauspicious start in 2008 the Korean taco has spread not just across the southland but across the country and spawned a Los Angeles restaurant empire for its creator.
Ideas have a way of migrating and even here in Plano TX, certainly not a hotbed of culinary invention, there is Kor-BQ a bright and clean fast food spot in a modern mini-mall. Kor-BQ's specialty may be the egg rolls filled with either bulgogi or dweji but I'll never know. They are gone, the cashier assured me, every day by about noon. Kor-BQ opens at 11:30.
For my evening visit, close to closing time, I settled for two rib-eye tacos and an enormous rice ball, filled with marinated meat, cheese, and topped with a tangy siracha mayonnaise -- the best bite at Kor-BQ. The food was fine. I won't be craving it or drive far from my path to get it but tasty enough.
These may be the flavors that started a nationwide food trend, but they can't stand up to the invigorating taste of Kogi's specialties. Innovator Roy Choi is a trained chef with years of restaurant experience -- Eric Park, Kor-BQ's creator, is a former math teacher riding a lucky trend.

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