Wednesday, May 6, 2015

And So It Begins

Since the day we moved in I've been day dreaming about what to do with this kitchen -- all 8'x11' of it. Though outwardly I've been patient, every time James is out of town I think about just taking a sledge hammer to it all. Instead I plotted and planned and waited.
My old kitchen was perfect. Efficient and stylish with double ovens and a restaurant sink so deep friends confessed to being intimidated by it. I've missed it. When the oven in our current kitchen stopped working it was just another insult. We didn't replace it. We plodded on. I plotted.
The day has finally come. With drawings in hand and cabinets waiting in a nearby shop the demo is well under way.

The wall has been opened up to create a pass through. Cabinets are gone. Floors torn up. Electrical is being wired.
I'm nervous and excited and ready.

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