Sunday, July 5, 2015

Marin County Fair 2015

  A holiday weekend. Perfect for the county fair. I rushed past the stormtroopers (it is Marin after all, home to Skywalker ranch) to the exhibit hall to find a blue ribbon on my rose geranium angel food cake, a recipe I invented and made for the first time for this year's fair.

 Another blue ribbon for white chocolate peppermint fudge. I used to make this for our Christmas party every year and though it's not exactly seasonal I gave it a go for this year's fair. Winner. James loves it so much I have been instructed to hide the candy left at home.
 Though this very same recipe took a first place at last week's Sonoma Marin Fair (we live at the epicenter of 3 quality fairs) it only placed second here in Marin.
 I'm sure this is not quite what the fair committee had in mind when they set the gingerbread category as part of the quick breads and muffins division. But the Guiness flavored cake has been a favorite for years and I thought it might do well. The ginger chocolate glaze and crystallized ginger were new for the fair but I might add it to next year's Christmas cake.
 Not my best showing, but another ribbon to add to the tally.
 One fair to go and so far this year I have 5 first place blue ribbons, 4 second place, 4 third place, 1 fourth place, 1 fifth and 1 dreaded honorable mention. The tally grows.

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