Sunday, September 6, 2009

Egg "Farmer's" Dilemna

Every now and then, since our girls work so hard to bring us tasty breakfast treats (and because in spite of supplying the neighbors they tend to pile up n the fridge) I like to find a way to have eggs take center stage on the dinner table, instead of keeping company with Neuske's smoked bacon for his highness' Sunday breakfast. While looking off at the cartons and picking through the vegetable drawers I remembered a Nancy Silverton recipe I saw for cauliflower frittata. Supposedly a treat the great pastry chef and bakery entrepreneur made for her appetizer tables. Nancy's (I'll call her Nancy as if all of use hen raising egg cooks are on a first name basis) recipe called for sautéing cauliflower in olive oil and butter, tossing in some onions and more butter, adding a bit or garlic and swirling in one last tablespoon of butter. Then eggs beaten with a bit of sea salt are poured into the sauté pan and allowed to just set and the whole pan is sprinkled with a mix of bread crumbs and thyme before being popped in a pre-heated 400º oven until golden. Yes it's a lot of butter (yum) but still I wanted cheese. I grated some fontina cheese and added it to the pan with the eggs instead of sprinkling with parmesan as NS suggests. And instead of Nancy's topping of aged balsamic vinegar (only because I forgot) we had radicchio and frisée salad with balsamic vinaigrette. This 15 minute dinner was such a hit it became "What James Had For Lunch." Thanks Girls!

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