Monday, September 21, 2009

From Airport to Entrée

I'm sure James misses me when I am away, but sometimes I think he might just be hungry. Within minutes of arriving home from the airport, before all the bags were in the house, the big man announced that he was "starving." Could he "please have some lunch?"
I hadn't shopped in a week at least, so I perused the pantry and the hauntingly empty fridge and came up with this quick cook pasta. While the spaghetti boiled I sauteed some garlic, prosciutto, and crushed red peppers in olive oil, added in the al dente spaghetti, a bit of the pasta cooking water, a few heaping spoonsful of fresh ricotta, S&P and a healthy shower of parmesan cheese. To top it all off some shaved parmesan and fresh oregano leaves from our front garden. Airport to entrée in 90 minutes flat.

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