Friday, November 27, 2009

White Bean Succotash

Everyone has little kitchen chores he/ she tries to avoid. I admit it -- I don't like to shuck corn.
But, the big man loves it. So, when I see fresh white ears (we never ate yellow corn as a kid -- may Dad called it "horse corn") at the farmer's market I bring it home for James. If I don't cook it that day (James likes it lightly steamed with plenty of fresh butter -- I like it grilled and a little crispy) I inevitably avoid it, passing by the fridge as if I don't see it. Until one day I am not only forced to shuck it but cut the kernels off the cob for a less than just picked corn dish that still pleases.
One of my favorite ways to use that leftover corn is succotash -- usually a sautéed combination of butter beans (or limas), squash, peppers --or whatever is hanging on in the late summer garden. We were low on limas so I decided to substitute canned white beans for a hearty, nearly meat-free dinner (well if you don't count the Canadian bacon I started with).
I sautéed the pork in a little olive oil and added in one chopped red onion, a couple cloves of garlic, fresh thyme, and a chopped red pepper. Next came a good bunch of diced zucchini. I cooked all those vegetables until just about tender and added in the corn kernels, the drained and rinsed white beans, and a good sized knob of butter and cooked until the corn was just cooked and the beans were heated through. I finished the dish with a splash of cream and S&P.
Quick Southern-style vegetable stew over rice.

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