Friday, October 21, 2011

Della Fattoria: Petaluma, CA

Okay so it was brunch and James wasn't even there but the food at Della Fattoria in downtown Petaluma is so good I can't help but mention it.
Although it's only permanent outpost is hidden in a small downtown cafe (the actually baking location is offsite), primarily Della Fattoria is a bakery. In fact, Bon Appetit Magazine called it one of the 10 Best Bread Bakeries in the country. I heartily agree. Their wood fired breads are chewy on the outside and airy inside. Artsanal loaves so perfect I see no reason to bake bread when I am in the area.
Their Meyer Lemon Rosemary loaf, the bakery's most famous offering, is already legendary. Chewy crumb with a touch of tangy sweetness that makes any sandwich a special event. But the cast of supporting characters from Semolina dusted with insanely fragrant sesame seeds to baguettes with crusts so firm they resist a casual tear and cry out for tangy, hearty cheeses. There is not a bad loaf in the bunch.
I like any excuse to stop in for breakfast or lunch (the cafe is open until 3pm and only Fridays for dinner) and take a loaf to go.
A Bacon and Egg Piadina, toasty flat bread wrapped around poached eggs, Black Pig bacon ( a much beloved Sonoma county artisanal producer), cheese and hot sauce. After one bite we declared it "awesome."
I might have dreams about this breakfast dish. Melt in your mouth, creamy, soft polenta topped with perfectly poached eggs, prosciutto, spinach and crunchy breadcrumbs. This is Della Fattoria after all. This is the kind of dish you can't stop eating. The perfect combination of textures and flavors and the attention to detail that makes quirky Della Fattoria a destination eatery.
To be honest, the cafe is small, the service can be a bit distracted (or just plain slow) but the lattes are piping hot and food is just so good when your order arrives you forget everything but the taste.

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