Saturday, June 8, 2013

Something New With Cube Steak

Cube steak seems to be a popular, semi regular addition to our meat CSA box. A mechanically tenderized slice of beef (usually round steak) cube is an economical cut. In fact when the economy was hardest hit around 2008, sales of cube steaks went up -- significantly. I usually whip up chicken fried steaks and gravy when I see that package. But tonight -- well I just didn't feel like making gravy. We didn't have much milk and the weather was a little warm. I wanted something just a bit lighter with less pans to scrub.
Milanese cutlets are one of James' favorite. Turkey or pork they are always a hit and so I decided the fate of my little cube steaks. I dipped each in an seasoned eggs beaten with a couple drops of hot sauce and then into a mixture of breadcrumbs, parsley, S&P, and parmesan cheese. I fried the cutlets in olive oil and butter until the coating was crisp (about 3 minutes on each side) and served each on a bed of arugula and potato salad (leftover potatoes no less).
Chicken fried steak -- Italian style.

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