Sunday, December 1, 2013

A New Source Of Inspiration

A friend recently sent me a link to The Kitchy Kitchen, a sumptuous blog by food photographer turned commercial director Claire Thomas. Scrolling through the luscious photos I felt inadequate at best and then quickly became intrigued by the simple, approachable recipes. A couple days later I still couldn't stop thinking about Thomas' harissa roasted carrots with chick peas. James doesn't really like cooked carrots (I can't explain it) so I set out to make her spicy recipe with cauliflower (I couldn't resist a few roasted carrots in with the mix). Thomas calls it a side dish but with salad and maybe rice this could have been a great main dish. But, strolling past the fish counter I saw beautiful wild halibut filets. I rarely cook fish but these beautiful steak-like slices (and a best choice from the Monterey Aquarium shopping list) caught my eye. I pan roasted the fish with a sherry vinegar, tomato wine sauce and served the harissa kissed cauliflower and legumes on the side.

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