Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Clarks Fish Camp

 Plunked down in the midst of what I'm sure were once rural homes (many still have a boat in the front yard) and churches (lots of churches) is a theme park of a restaurant, Clark Fish Camp. Built on piers over a beautifully still meandering river,  Clarks' setting seems right out of a 1960's Disney "adventure" movie. Poles and planks elaborately lashed together hanging out over water where I'm sure gators who don't know they are on the menu swim up regularly. The interior may boast a quirky and somewhat frightening collection of taxidermy befitting the collection of "wild things" (gator, quail, kangaroo, etc) featured on the menu but the back deck is positively serene. Assuming you can call a seat in full view of a motorboat decorated with light up giraffes, Santas and flamingos serene.
Clarks menu is huge, but oddly I get the impression fish (unless it's fried) may not be the best choice. Tables all around me were gnawing on gator toes and ribs, followed by prime ribs and fried baskets. Repenting for my last fish camp fried fare I stuck with steamed oysters and grilled trout. Tender local St Augustine oysters and two giant slabs of trout filet. Maybe not the best I've ever had but looking out at the still water with the warm Florida sun on my face, it didn't matter at all.

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