Thursday, March 26, 2015

2nd Ave Deli

It's not what it once was.
Years ago the 2nd avenue deli really was on 2nd avenue in the section of NY's East Village that once housed the city's renown Yiddish Theaters. The deli's front door sat squarely on the "Yiddish Walk of Fame" and the landmark eatery survived both the changing neighborhood and the, still unsolved, murder of owner Abe Lebewohl during a robbery. Then after years of service and late night knishes the deli closed following a rent dispute with its landlord and after a year reopened in quiet Murray Hill, more than 20 blocks North and not on 2nd avenue.
The building is new and much smaller, the waiters much friendlier (and Latino) but the food is the same. Probably not the best deli in town but comforting and familiar with a few stand out specialties. The pickles are crisp and sour, the chopped liver rich and meaty with no eggs mixed in, the sandwiches ample without being comically overstuffed. When I woke up craving matzoh ball soup there was one place to start, 2nd Ave Deli.
Same as ever, the broth was genuinely chicken flavored with tasty slices of carrots and one large not quite fluffy matzoh ball. Not an easy grain to keep light, the kasha I requested in the soup was almost painfully dry but still this bowl satisfies no matter the address.

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