Monday, March 23, 2015

Falafel In New York

I'm not sure why there is so much good falafel in New York. Pretty much every neighborhood has at least a better than average place and some much better. Filling, cheap and generally open late falafel is good anytime food.
Most times when I find myself in the village looking for tasty chick pea treats I head to Mamoun's, a local chain with a carry out window. But today with winter cold and afternoon wind settling in I slipped into another mini chain, Taim a bright spot in the West Village. Taim is all vegetarian. They offer a selection of salads and sides and three flavors of falafel, green, red and spicy. The spicy, laced with harissa, is usually my first choice but the green with hints of cilantro and mint seemed just right on an afternoon where I was dying to see a bit of spring to come. Though offered as a sandwich or platter today my falafel came as a side to a tasty plate of Sabich, thin slices of eggplant fried to order and topped with Srug a traditional Yemeni hot sauce -- my favorite Taim menu item along with savory Moroccan carrots.

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