Saturday, August 15, 2009

Homestyle Fast Food

Home again. We made it in from Toronto and, of course, the cupboard seemed bare. Food from nothing, that's my favorite game! About 20 minutes after "the big man" announced he was hungry I casually produced a bowl of spaghetti with velvety, rich tomato paste sauce thanks to Arthur Schwartz's old-fashioned rustic recipe and a double batch of sauce lovingly simmered for 3 hours back during the colder months.
Most modern Italian cookbooks ignore paste sauces or dismiss them as relics of the once impoverished countryside . . . but I have a soft spot for these decidedly un-hip dishes. Warm, comforting, and ready to feed a family for very little cash. Frozen in serving size containers for just this kind of mother Hubbard emergency, it's the kind of fast food I can appreciate.

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