Saturday, October 17, 2009

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine

Traditionally the name tagine refers to both the stew and the pot it was cooked in. I was too lazy to climb up and get down my tagine but the butternut squash in the corner was calling my name . . . so I dragged out the Le Creuset and started chopping.
White sweet potatoes, home grown yellow potatoes, onions, chick peas, and cauliflower simmered in a broth of saffron, cinnamon, chili peppers and tomatoes for a peasant dish with exotic warm spicy notes. Just before serving I finished the stew with preserved lemons for a little acid and more Moroccan style. I misplaced a jar of harissa so instead made due with a squeeze of siracha (how's that for multi-cultural) and a dollop of greek yogurt.
To be honest this is the sort of thing I like more than James. He has a delicate palate and more refined tastes. I like rustic stews and whole wheat breads, His Highness will always choose white flour pastas and flaky croissants. If it were just me at the table I'd have served this with couscous studded with sweet golden raisins, but for family harmony's sake (and because I didn't want to go to the store) the stew ended up along side white basmati rice buttered and scented with saffron. Slow-cooked saturday night vegetarian fare.

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