Thursday, October 29, 2009

Summer in Cape Cod

Summers on "The Cape" . . "steamers" at beach shacks, clambakes, New England's roaring rocky shore. One look at these white shells and I was a kid again and it was summer in Nantucket. I'm not sure if those memories are mine or ones I imagined were mine. Maybe it's a black and white movie I saw and wished I lived in.
I don't know that I have ever seen Ipswich clams in LA before but when I spied them as I walked into Santa Monica Seafood my dinner decision was made. Simply cooked (I used a metal basket over boiling water for about 10 minutes), just pull the sweet clams out by the siphon (the long "spout" on every clam), swish in the delicious clam broth (left in the bottom of the pot after the clams have opened -- don't forget to strain and save the clam broth for soups, stews and risottos) to remove any grit, dip in melted butter, and pop in your mouth.
On the side? Fall's last sweet corn, of course.
Summer supper swoon far from the shore.

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