Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve At Mankas

Manka's Inverness is a place so special and so quirky I hesitate to tell friends about it. I don't want to hear judgment on the mostly charming inefficiency or field cautious stares brought on by the extravagance of cabins at Manka's. I want to keep it our little secret. A place where perfect happiness thrives. A place where the fireplace is always lit and the soaking tub always extra warm. Onetime hunting cabins in the West Marin "wood" welcoming guests with luxury rustic chic and delicious, beyond locavore, thoughtfully prepared meals. Unlike the endless tasting menus in the dining room, tonight's in-room "fireside" dinner was a tasty cassoulet (slow cooked beans, slab bacon and duck confit with plenty of garlic) followed by ginger cake with warm caramel sauce and fluffy, softly beaten cream.
We came North to find Christmas and were rewarded.

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