Saturday, November 26, 2011

Better With Pork Belly

Not too long ago I ordered a 1/4 pig to put in our freezer. Instead of the luscious chunk of pork belly I was expecting to cure into pancetta I got slices. Slices? I admit I was monetarily stumped. Of course I could sauté pieces with kimchi or hoisin sauce, or try and replicate Momofuko's crazy delicious pork buns. But that wasn't quite right. I tucked the meat away until I found a mention online of "holiday spaghetti" with crisped pork belly (sautéed in butter and olive oil), slivered garlic and parmesan tossed with hot pasta. What could be wrong with that? the pork belly made crispy little nuggets in the al dente pasta and the rendered fat coated the noodles to perfection. That's what you do with sliced pork belly . . . Italian style.

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