Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just Like A Roman Grandmother

Hot soup for a scratchy throat. I came home with a bit of a cough. James still isn't feeling 100 percent. Seemed like a good night for soup -- especially since I had three bottles of homemade, rich, delicious sock in the freezer.
Stracciatella from the Italian stracciato meaning ragged or torn apart is used to describe not only this comforting Roman-style soup, but also (remember this one it comes in handy) chocolate chip ice cream. In Italy chocolate chip gelato is, instead of our chips, more like threads of melted chocolate frozen into the cream base. In stracciatella the soup, eggs take on that shredded look. Though more traditional versions are nothing more than stock, eggs, parmesan cheese (sometimes semolina) and parsley, I added a handful of spinach and a scoop of rice for a more filling (less convalescent) supper.
To make your own version bring broth to a boil and add in several handfuls of spinach. Let the soup with the greens simmer for just a minute and then stir in eggs beaten with grated parmesan cheese and S&P. Some people, like Italian super chef Mario Batali, add 1 TB of semolina per egg (2 cups of broth per egg overall) and some cold stock to the beaten eggs before adding to boiling broth and finish by whisking for 3 to 4 minutes). I just stirred in the eggs and let the shreds form where they may for a light supper soup topped with grated cheese.

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