Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Turkey

Somehow I managed to order two turkeys last thanksgiving. Two big turkeys and we had no guests coming. With friends coming for the weekend I thought it was a perfect time to get rid of that bird and free up some freezer space for tucking away an apple pie and for freezing the ice cream maker. It was a great plan, except for the oven that wasn't working (except for the ones where our guests would be staying) and the grill (barbequed turkey was my original idea) we couldn't get together in time.
So I faced the labor day aftermath with a thawed 24 pound turkey in the fridge and no room in the freezer.
I started working on that bird. First I cut it in half and decided to roast a half for our dinner and sandwiches later. Then what to do with half number two? I started by grinding the meat for future burgers and meatballs and spaghetti sauces. I hate to re-freeze anything but I figured ground would make it through the double freeze transformation and take up less freezer space. Done. Because I hate to throw anything away I made a quick savory turkey stock from the bones. Seems like a future turkey noodle soup or risotto ready and waiting.

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