Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cooking Cooking Cooking

We've had guests for the weekend and have been so busy laughing, cooking, eating and of course washing dishes there has been no time for pictures or posts. There was polenta and sausages, kale with white beans, french toast with caramelized plums, and hot apple pie. All undocumented.
But I managed to grab a few snaps from our last family-style supper . Braised chicken with capers and parsley is an easy recipe from this month's Bon Appetit magazine. The braise kept the chicken moist and ready when our guests were. The capers and the red wine vinegar (the recipe called for white but we have loads of red) added a much needed tang.
 For a little crunch I ran out to the garden and grabbed the young tender kale leaves off our late summer plants. I cut them into thin ribbons, mixed with grated ricotta salata and topped with a shallot lemon vinaigrette. Super simple super flavorful salad. I'll be making that again.
Anxious to use up a little garden summer squash on unsuspecting guests I quickly sautéed zucchini in butter and olive oil until soft and mixed in some lemon juice and toasted pine nuts before serving.
A simple summer dinner with friends -- a great way to spend labor day weekend.

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