Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sha Lin Noodle House

 For years my eating adventurer friends, Eric and Shari,  and I have been searching for a plate like these knife cut cumin sauced noodles closer to home.. The holy grail of noodle houses. I'd heard the legend but never tasted them. Of course I knew the famed noodles of China's Shanxi province, stretched, pulled. cat's ears, and like these knife cut into waiting boiling water. Stir fried or served in soup, Northern Chinese chefs work years to perfect the traditional local specialties' mix of toothsome flavor and chewiness.
 Another noodle another dish. "Dragging noodles" as Sha Lin calls them are hand stretched. Chewy springy super long noodles in a tasty broth topped with BBQ pork. Really nothing to complain about here.
 Not quite my beloved sheng jian bao, these pan fried dumplings have thick, flour, tasty skins crisped into a crunchy, bready, savory cake.
Perhaps man can't live by noodles alone. Maybe. Just in case there are these crispy nuggets of spicy salty ribs.
The search goes on for cumin noodles close to home, but for now we'll always have Vancouver.

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