Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sunny Spring Muffins

Some mornings just cry out for muffins. Sun shining, blueberries on sale, lazy dogs sprawling across the blankets. James sleeping late while I pad around the house.
These tasty oversized cakes came from a recipe that was a finalist in some contest years ago, of all places, at The Pioneer Woman's website. I can't say I have ever cooked one of her recipes before but I did like the yogurt based recipe. Yogurt is a tangy tenderizer -- it works wonders for meats and keeps baked goods from being tough (don't take advantage and over beat -- for muffins it's still important to mix just until combined). I like this recipe and will probably use it again. The muffins are cakey and tender and  pleasantly sweet. But -- admiration for junior baker contest entry aside -- no where in the recipe or the post does it mention how many muffins the recipe makes. I tried for 12 and my muffins took almost double the posted time to cook -- but miraculously (thanks to an ample amount of yogurt) they were still fluffy and light. Just perfect muffins.

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