Friday, December 18, 2009

Chicken and Carrot Stew

More adventures in crock pot cooking.
I'm not sure how long I can support this new obsession -- crock pot ideas without cream of something soup are fairly rare . . . and yet I scour the internet and cookbooks for ways to bring the darling of the 70's working woman into our modern food centric household. Based on an idea from Everyday Food (is that the Women's Day of the 2000's?) I mixed up a cut chicken with garlic, cinnamon stick, cumin, S&P, and oddly enough no liquid. I started to doubt but decided to follow Martha's team's instructions and I was right to trust. The chicken came out moist and not soupy as some slow cooked dishes can be. Just before serving I tossed in a handful of golden raisins and let the crock pot simmer for 15 minutes more. To serve, for a different audience, I might have gone for a spiced cous cous -- but, as any regular readers know, when the big man eats pasta he wants spaghetti, so this chicken hit the plate on a bed of steamed brown rice sprinkled with slivered toasted almonds and cilantro leaves.

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