Monday, March 1, 2010


I've made hoards of flatbreads over the years. But, this is the first time -- following Jim Lahey's easy instructions that I've gone through the steps to add potato into the dough. Ideally I'd use leftover potatoes. I assume that's how the bread started being made. But the texture and subtle flavor from a bit of yukon gold in the dough makes the extra time boiling and blending your spuds well worth while. Unlike Lahey's other breads this crisp flat loaf was a quick rise (only 3 hours for the first rise I think) and baked up golden brown in a regular baking sheet, in just about 20 minutes.
Easy, delicious and still no-knead. If anything next time I might use a little less oil on top of the loaf and a little more seasoning. I went with just coarse salt and pepper but this one cries out for rosemary or even fresh oregano. Either way -- makes a pretty nice snack sandwich with a thin slice of prosciutto or with a little cheese melted on top.

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