Friday, April 2, 2010

6 (Maybe Should Be 5) Hour Pork

James has been feeling his way around the kitchen. I've gotten him to a point where he can set the crock pot going, add a few ingredients,and pop pre-made dishes in an oven he has preheated. One night I even left him a brown sugar honey glaze to spread on cooked corned beef before he finished it in the oven.
Why not a long cooking roast I thought. One that would benefit from extra time covered in a tasty spice rub and fatty enough to withstand some extra cooking time if work ran late. Obviously pork was the only answer.
Based on a recipe from Mimosa restaurant in LA I slathered a pork shoulder roast with a paste made from sage (2 heavy TB, chopped), rosemary (2 heavy TB, chopped), garlic (about 15 cloves), fennel seeds (1 TB), S&P, white wine (2 TB), and olive oil (1/4 cup) whirled together in the food processor.
I made, I think, 6 cuts of about an inch deep in a tied pork shoulder roast and rubbed the paste into the slits and all over the fatty side of the roast. I let the dressed roast sit -- fatty side up -- covered, in the fridge overnight until James pre-heated the oven (275º) and took the roast out to come to room temperature.
After 6 hours slow cooking the big man had slices of juicy roast pork with some quick sautéed asparagus and a fluffy baked potato -- plenty for dinner and plenty for sandwiches during the week.

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