Sunday, April 25, 2010

Great Breakfast No Toast

When I lived in Colorado and headed South on 25 I would veer off (if it was before 2 pm) and swing into Tecolote Cafe. That was nearly 20 years ago (eek! can that be true?). I hardly recognize the city around this stalwart diner -- now dotted with gift shops and tattoo parlors -- but inside nothing has changed.
Every diner is greeted warmly -- my waiter called me "dear" and oddly enough I kind of liked it. Portions are hearty and spilling over with chili sauce, New Mexico's specialty (Tecolote makes no apologies for chili being too hot, the menu cautions).
Carne Adovado, pork (generally though sometimes beef) simmered in red chili sauce, is one of Santa Fe's and my favorites. I've tried it everywhere. Tecolote's is spicier than most. The meat is cut in small cubes and meltingly tender. The corn tortillas and posole (hominy) side dish serve to take just enough of the heat in this enchilada -- covered in green chili sauce.
Aside from New Mexican favorites, Tecolotoe specializes in pancakes (well those are pretty NM too -- blue corn atole) and bakes at least half a dozen kinds of homemade bread for their delicious French toast.
You'll find bakery baskets of toasty biscuits and muffins, warm tortillas, and even bowls of sweet granola, but, as the menu proudly states, no toast -- don't even ask.

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