Monday, April 26, 2010

Pizza To Dream About

Pizza at work.. A strange and delicious pizza I never would have imagined. Tomatoes, roasted peppers, prosciutto, "flash fried" eggplant, and gorgonzola cheese all drizzled with a slightly sweet balsamic glaze. Pizza with blue cheese -- divine. The "Village" from the specialty menu.
In most places I've lived pizza is the perfect anytime food. Easily delivered, ready when you are. Santa Fe's Pizza Centro -- little more than a step up from a carry out shop, is only open until 8:30, and is tucked inside a "design center" (or their second location in a suburban strip mall) that is pretty tough to find. I tried a few times to get there after work and never made it until tonight.
I could hardly take the picture. Think crust, juicy toppings, melty piles of blue cheese and crisp fried eggplant. I've never had a pizza like this before and I may think about it long after I'm gone -- or at least until I try to make one like it at home. Home Sweet Home. Coming Soon.

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