Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tacos A New Way

Pouring over recipes on the internet looking for something new to do with butternut squash I came across an idea from the Two Hot Tamales for black bean and butternut squash tacos. I happened to have a can of re-fried black beans on the shelf I have been wanting to use up (where did I ever get those) so I started on my version of their recipe. Theirs started with refried beans so I doctored ours a bit with thinly sliced slab bacon, olive oil, and chicken broth. I sautéed the squash, cut into 1/2 inch dice, in very hot olive oil with cumin, cinnamon, and salt until it was tender. And I made a batch of pickled onions. The gals used shallots but I didn't have any and improvised for what turned out to be the best part of the dish. I can hardly wait to use those leftover pickled onions on sandwiches for James. Simple as can be the ingredients piled on tortillas topped with grated fresh cheese and minced chili peppers. Fast and easy, and very, very filling.

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