Saturday, March 9, 2013

Another New Camellia

There are many things I love about our relatively new rural location. The open vista, the rolling hills, the cattle for neighbors . . . but not our maddeningly slow rural internet. It's been days since I could muster enough bandwidth to get online and post a few dithering comments.
With a little bit of upload I thought I'd introduce you to a new plant -- to me, to my garden, and probably to a lot of flower lovers out there: the white mermaid camellia. A camellia japonica with a weeping habit and delicate white blossoms opening to show bright yellow stamens, the mermaid -- although lovely covered in it's fried egg blooms -- is known more for it's unusual leaves fused together at the tips to resemble -- hence the name -- a mermaid's or fish's tail. I'm anxious to find a special spot for this beauty so visitors to our future beautiful garden can stroll by and marvel at the unusual leaves.

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