Friday, July 11, 2014

Giving In At The Store

James loves corn.
We grow lots of vegetables in my little beds but I just don't have enough room for corn . . . not yet. So  for a summer treat every now and again I break down and buy a couple ears.
You may not know this about me (and why would you) but I am vehemently pro small farmer and anti GMO. I follow court cases and the progress of labeling laws across the country and try to speak out when Monsanto and it's lobbyists push for legislation that favors only their agribusiness domination plan. I believe our health, our water, and our environment are at stake. So for my James only organic, certified non GMO (not as easy as it seems), elitist sweet corn will do.
Corn, a water loving crop, seems especially expensive this year with the on-going drought in California. I stood there in the produce department holding a bright green ear. Reaching to put it down but not quite letting go.
Do I really love James $1.29 an ear?
Seems I do.

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