Tuesday, July 1, 2014

John Mueller Meat Company

I love John Mueller Meat Company.
The latest outpost of a third generation "barbecue cook" (the Mueller family has several unaffiliated outposts in the greater Austin area), this nearly hidden trailer behind chain link fence is about the food and only the food.'
The meats, ready at opening and available until sold out (then the spot closes until the next day when a new selection comes out of the smoker), are cut, weighed and slid onto butcher paper as each eater waits. A couple of homemade sides are offered in three sizes.
Mueller's spicy nearly black crust surrounds meat so juicy you'll be glad a full roll of paper towels sits nearby. The Brisket is so tender it barely holds together as I dip pieces in the spiced laced slightly vinegary sauce. Beef ribs melt under my teeth. The smoke is so present it tastes like the very signature of the fire. There is nothing meek about Mueller's flavor. He makes assertive food he likes first and foremost and offers it to waiting crowds. Barbecue with personality. Barbecue that can't be ignored.
Huddled over my tray, hands covered in Mueller's specialties as George Straight's signature Texas sound drifted out over a nearby radio I'd found a warm, happy place in the Texas sun. I can't wait to go back.

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