Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crispy Polenta Cakes and Mushroom Ragout

I had two big portobello mushrooms taking up space in the fridge and need to put together something warming and cozy for another rainy day. But I really didn't fell up to endless stirring or babying something on the stove. Besides, I'm trying to be back on the diet plan so who wants to make stew for one? I decided on a rich mushroom ragout. I sautéed pancetta and a few small cubes from the end of a chorizo I found in the drawer, added in a chopped onion and sauteed until it was soft. Next came the thinly sliced mushrooms which cooked for 10 minutes or so, until they gave up a bit of liquid. Then I added a good dollop of tomato paste, about 1/2 cup (maybe more ) of white wine (there was an open bottle in the fridge), and about a tsp of dried thyme and let the skillet bubble until the wine was cooked off. I finished the ragout with a good sized knob of butter and a splash of whole milk (no cream in the fridge). I served the ragout over polenta cakes -- cold polenta cut and fried in olive oil.
Okay probably not a dinner James will brag about or bring up later like last week's Italian fried chicken, but I did notice a pretty clean plate.

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