Friday, November 26, 2010

Baked Pasta

I had to clean out the pantry. Half bags of this and that taking up space that could be devoted to once a year Holiday goodies. James likes spaghetti, white round spaghetti, so I knew that box of whole wheat rotelli would need some attention to clear it off the shelves.
I made a quick mornay sauce (melt butter, add in flour in equal measure and milk -- whisking all the way -- until the consistency is creamy and smooth -- add shredded cheese to melt in the sauce) flavored with gruyère and goat's milk cheddar (I was cleaning through the cheese drawer too). Into the half-cooked pasta and sauce I added chopped ham and sautéed kale and beet greens with just a hint of garlic. I poured it all into a baking dish, topped the dish with bread crumbs sliver of butter and more grated cheese and popped it into the oven (375º) to bake for about 35 minutes nil the top was crispy, the cheese melted and the sauce bubbling.
Macaroni and cheese gets a quick dinner upgrade -- James never noticed the whole wheat.

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