Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stocking Up

One of my favorite weekends. LA based gourmet food wholesaler Epicure Imports opens up it's door to the public six times a year and I dash over to stock up on olive oils, vinegars, pastas, rice and more. But, best of all if the cold room where sausages, charcuterie, duck confit, sliced hams, imported butter and a wealth of cheese lay waiting at not quite wholesale prices (but still a savings). I picked up a good selection for freezer, pantry and fridge but today's real prize was an herbaceous wheel of the tangy Corsican cheese Fleur de Maquis. Crusted in rosemary, fennel seeds, juniper and chiles this sheep's milk specialty is also known as Brin d'amour -- the breath of love.

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