Saturday, June 11, 2011

Clams A New Way

We harvested another couple hills of potatoes and I wanted to make something special for James. He loves clams. He loves potatoes. He loves sausage. The obvious answer was steamed clams with chorizo and potatoes. I started by rendering cubes of chorizo (the dry Spanish not fresh Mexican kind) in olive oil along with sliced garlic. When the oil was tinted red with the sausage's paprika I added in cubed potatoes, and a mixture of red wine (I usually use white for clams but we had an open bottle and it's a flavor james likes so I decided to try it) and brought the liquid up to a boil. I let the potatoes cook for about five minutes and then added a handful of chopped parsley, a pat of butter and the clams. I covered the pot and let the clams steam while the potatoes finished cooking. Clams in red wine, a new house favorite.

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