Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Summer Potato Harvest

Usually we plant our potatoes in the fall and harvest in the early spring, taking advantage of Southern California's mild winters. This year, because our home grown potatoes are rapidly becoming a favorite crop I'm trying for year round planting so we followed out early spring harvest with a second planting. We harvested some of those very successful summer potatoes today -- a hefty bowl of French fingerlings and big (bigger than we've ever grown before) Yukon Golds. I didn't want to do too much and cover up the taste of our day's harvest.
I baked the Yukon Golds and topped them with a savory black-eyed pea stew flavored with slab bacon and braised collard greens. Okay, I admit it this stew was tucked away in the freezer for just such an occasion. Dinner in a jiffy, salad (homegrown lettuce) on the side.

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