Sunday, August 19, 2012

Baseball Snacks

The team from Petaluma, the nearby town where James and I do most of our shopping, is playing for the West (and hopefully for the title) in the Little League World Series. We don't know the players but James and I are following the action (nationally telecast on ABC and ESPN) with made at home stadium snacks like these ground beef nachos. I sautéed beef with onions, bacon, garlic, cayenne, tabasco and chili powder and then spooned the spicy cooked meat over tortilla chips sprinkled with chopped sport peppers (I brought those delicious hot peppers home from Chicago where they top Chicago-style dogs) and shreds of grated cheese (melted in the microwave).
Certainly not fancy. Certainly not gourmet. But just the thing to cheer our hometown team onto (hopefully) victory.

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