Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Harvest

In our Southern California gardens of years past I would boldly plant my tomatoes at the end of February and by August I'd already have eaten endless fresh garden salads and already put up several jars for winter stews and sauces. Here in our more Northern locale I timidly put out my young tomatoes in early May and we are just now starting to get big juicy fruits from those vines.
Today I harvested several Black Krim, a variety I've tried to grow before with not much success, Sebastopol Cherries ( local variety I'd never heard of so I had to try some out), Snow White, an outstandingly flavorful yellow-white cherry, and one lone Julia Child, a beautiful pinkish red namesake.
While I was bringing in vegetables I gathered up fanciful striped Dragon Langerie beans, Italian yellow wax beans, Romano beans (or some cross there of) and romantically named Signora della Campagna -- a lady from the country, light green tinged with delicate purple stripes. From the far side of the garden I picked several yellow and green zephyr squash, a couple cocozelle zucchini and one lone Rondo di Parigi, way past it's prime baseball size. Not to forget a couple lemon and Persian cucumbers. And just a few of the Sebastopol Gravenstein apples James picked off our backyard tree this morning. Tomorrow I will can those apple slices for mid winter pies and remember a summer day in our new Northern garden.

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