Monday, October 15, 2012

Steamed Seafood Supper

Some things you never lose. I grew up in Maryland and honestly some days I think Old Bay Seasoning flows in my veins. I don't use it much anymore but when I taste that familiar mixture I feel the warm sun, lapping waves and the excitement of steamed crabs on a hot summer's day. It tastes like home.
This steamed combo of shrimp, clams and potatoes is a little more low country than it is "charm city". I've been struggling to get my diet back on track and I figured a steamed all in one pot dinner would keep James satisfied and the calories low -- besides, we had leftover beer in the fridge.
I started a pot (with a steamed insert) with a bit of butter, chopped garlic, shallot, bay leaf and a bottle of beer and brought the liquid to a boil. I tossed in the potatoes and let them steam for about 10 minutes. Next, because the clams were small and he shrimp were large, I let the clams steam for just a minute before adding the shrimp -- peels on -- heavily dusted with Old Bay. After about 5 minutes the shrimp were pink and tender and everything was flavored with the delicious mix of beer and "bay".

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