Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Food Trucks (Carts) Have Come To Vancouver

The craze has now assuredly crossed the country and the border. Food trucks (or in Vancouver's case handily park trailers) are everywhere. Obviously snot just tolerated but supported by the local government and merchants these carts park on downtown sidewalks with small awnings to protect customer from the frequently inclement weather. 
Without so much as reading an online review we strolled up to Soho Street for one of their signature naan kebab sandwiches -- sort of an Indian walkaway sandwich. Nothing I'd ever seen before but what could be bad about butter chicken wrapped in a  fluffy toasted naan or spicy links of ground lamb swimming in a cilantro spice base and tangy yogurt sauce. No great bargain at $12 a sandwich but pretty tasty on a chilly, rainy fall day.

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