Friday, January 18, 2013

Bareroot Season! So Many To Choose from.

I know they don't look like much now, but I love them so. These are our newest fruit trees -- an Indian Blood Cling Peach, a Free Strawberry Peach, and a Pineapple Quince. All heirloom varieties known for exceptional flavor and heartiness in our cooler, rainy winters. As opposed to the more well known container plants, bareroots are exactly that -- young grafted trees with exposed roots to be put quickly in the ground. They are easier  to plant (you don't need such a big hole) and less than half the price of container grown trees -- not to mention much lighter to bring home. It's often possible to get more unique varieties as bareroots. We picked these beauties up from the nursery today and James planted them so I could see my sweet little trees in the ground before leaving town. Today they seem like naked sticks but this spring they'll be full of beautiful flowers and in less than 2 short years (it's best not to let a bareroot tree fruit the first year to help build a stronger root system) delicious fruits.

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