Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cheeseburger Supper

Everybody loves cheeseburgers. Well, at least James does. And burgers are the original American style simple supper. When I get home late and don't have a chance to set something in the ever-reliable crock pot burgers are the answer. We like them plain -- a good mix of ground beef (like the delicious mix sold by the Hearst Ranch or something quickly ground in the food processor) with just salt and pepper (sometimes with a little butter in the middle or brushed on top) broiled in the oven or slapped on the grill. Everyone has their favorite toppings, but for our quick dinner -- a california classic. Bacon, avocado, and James' favorite, nutty delicious Gruyere cheese.
A couple simple burger rules: Don't work the meat too much, don't press them on the grill and burgers are perfect every time.

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