Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Savory Denver, CO

 I walked by the other night on my way to sushi and just had to come back. James loves a little za'atar, the middle Eastern spice blend which he insists on calling zanzibar, sprinkled on cauliflower or flatbreads or just about anything. We are all out at home and Boulette's Larder -- my favorite Ferry Building vendor isn't exactly a short walk away from home. It seemed like a good chance to stock up.
I wandered into the narrow store and felt right at home and completely seduced by the beautiful selection. I came away with not just za'atar but also lovely pink flakes of Murray River sea salt, organic Tellicherry peppercorns, citrusy piquin peppers, lavender, and beautiful black onyx Dutch cocoa powder. And the address of a Savory branch right near us (well not walking distance but better than ail order) in downtown Santa Rosa. I can't wait to refresh my spices at home.

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