Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tom's Steak and Potatoes

With a skirt steak in the freezer I came across a Tom Colicchio one pan recipe from his Craft restaurants. I'm a big Top Chef fan (even after all these seasons I'm still watching) and I love when judge Tom cuts right to the chase with a frank, sometimes biting appraisal of a competitor's dish. How would his recipe fare with my favorite judge?
I started an iron frying pan heating on the stove over high heat and added 1 TB of canola oil. When the oil was shimmering hot I added in the steak, already seasoned with salt and pepper. After 4 minutes searing on each side I turned the heat down to medium low and added 3 TB (when the pan had cooled down) of butter and 2 sprigs of fresh thyme. I basted the steaks with melted butter for about 3 minutes more (turning half way through). After I took the steaks out of the pan to rest I poured off the extra fat, wiped the pan clean and turned the heat up to medium. In went 4 diced slices of bacon to render and crisp for 5 minutes. Then I nestled in potatoes sliced about 1//2 inch thick (Tom uses fingerlings sliced in half but I had yukon golds so I just used those instead). The potatoes crisped for about 4 minutes on a side and then I added in a thinly sliced onion and a few more sprigs of thyme. TC uses a red onion but all we had today were white. I can see where that red onion might add an interesting depth to the sweetness of the dish -- next time I'll be better prepared. The onions and potatoes cooked for about 12 minutes more until the potatoes were crisp outside and tender inside. For a final touch I turned the heat down and added 1 minced clove of garlic and after about a minute 5 TB of balsamic vinegar. I gave everything a good stir around to incorporate the vinegar, sliced the steak and laid it on top to heat through.
This certainly was a pretty and flavorful dish. I'd happily serve this steak for company. It's kind of hard to go too wrong with beef, butter, and bacon. I don't think Tom would take the big prize with this dish but he wouldn't be packing his knives either.

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