Friday, July 6, 2012

Stepped Off The Plane And Into The Kitchen

Stumbling in the door with luggage, I started a pot of water going for pasta. No matter what is in the house I can always come up with spaghetti.
Rustling through the fridge I found odds and ends in a couple packages of prosciutto, a container of big creamy Corona beans I left for James to eat while I was gone, and a piquant Italian cheese coated in rosemary I brought home from Costco a little while back.
I started heating the prosciutto in a pan with garlic, olive oil, chili peppers, and oregano. When the pork started to crisp I tossed in the drained beans and a splash of white wine. I left that mixture simmer while the spaghetti cooked. I added the drains pasta to the bean mixture along with knob of butter, a splash of cooking water, and plenty of that grated cheese and stirred everything around to a make--shift sauce and tope fit all with a lightly fried egg (Foggy's been busy while I've been gone).

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