Monday, April 8, 2013

Life Without A Dishwasher

I'm embarrassed to admit it but I've started to think about dinner differently in this year and a half cooking in a tiny kitchen without a dishwasher. At first I cooked dinners as elaborate as I had in any other house. Pots, pans, trays spoons -- whatever it took. I'd decide what I wanted to cook first and pay the consequences with scullery later.
More often then not now I think about the dishes to come when I am planning dinner. If I can roast potatoes in the same pan as the chicken that's a win. If broccoli cooks and gets tossed in olive oil and garlic in the same sauté pan, double win. Soup or stew that can store in the pot to be re-heated for lunch the next day is a favorite. I'm trying to rebel but I am drifting into becoming the dreaded one pot cook.

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